“One barrel of wine can work more miracles than a church full of saints”


Covid-19 Update:


It looks like we’re nearly back. The wine bar will open on the 4th July.


Here is our concept:

Imagine a bubble gum machine which dispenses wine instead…

The Black Bottle

Pre-charge one of our cards and pick from a selection of 32 different wines available by the glass. Our wine list is compiled from a collection of over 140 different wines, all of which can be bought by the bottle. In each machine, and for each wine, you are given a choice between a large glass (175ml.), a small glass (125ml.) or just a taste (25ml.) of wine to match any palate.

The Black Bottle

Also, why not give the Michelin Star restaurant The Black Rat a quirky favourite, The Black Boy pub and The Black Hole B&B a visit too.